Pau Vila Garcia

Engineering student & entrepreneur

I'm a catalan engineering student born in Girona in 1995. I'm currently studying a degree in computer engineering and management at the Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). I'm also an International Baccalaureate graduate. I have co-founded ClipCare, a start-up which develops enterprise-level software for handling engagement from business to clients and viceversa, amongst other projects. .

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The ClipCare project

During the last decades, toll-free numbers have been the standard in enterprise-to-customer relationships, usually operated by massive call-centers and automated responses, which are known by its tendency to harm the brand's image and its less than stellar efficiency metrics. ClipCare is a breaking reinterpretation of how should businesses handle engagement with their clients – and viceversa. We develop a variety of customizable solutions, distributed in a SaaS-like model, which enable the implementation of tech support & after-sales mobile apps and web platforms. We distribute those solutions under the SocialEdge brand (, while we continuously implement and test the software in our own tech support platform for domestic users (

The Locatr project

Locatr designs and implements beacon-based indoor positioning systems. The iBeacons are small, autonomous devices which communicate with smartphones, being able to trigger custom notifications and actions in the client's smartphone through a Bluetooth LE connection. Locatr covers the whole process of the beacons implementation, starting with the initial outline and design of the custom network and developing the custom software necessary to perform the individual interactions for each beacon. Locatr is mostly aimed at retail scenarios; however, the flexible approach of the iBeacon technology allows us to design and implement a broad range of applications which include industrial, educational and augmented reality.

LC Paper brand managing

June 2014 - Present

My goal at LC Paper ( was to develop the naming and branding strategy as well as the launch guidelines for the first B2C product of this company: the Dalia paper brand.

Assistant professor

September 2014 – June 2015

I performed the role of assistant professor for a digital electronics subject at la Salle (Ramon Llull University). My role as assistant professor included guiding the students through the process of creating their first custom circuit boards.

Enginnering & management student

Graduation expected in June 2017

I'm studying IT engineering and management at la Salle (Ramon Llull University), in Barcelona. Those studies combine engineering knowledge (software and hardware design and implementation) along with management knowledge (economics, finance, operations and marketing). They provide a horizontal vision of bussiness in the technology field, giving me the tools necessary to understand the synergies between both worlds.

International Baccalaureate Diplomma

June 2013

I obtained the International Baccalaureate Diplomma ( On the other hand, I passed the Spanish university access test with a grade of 9.2/10, which allowed me to receive a honours certificate by the Catalan Government.

European Youth Parliament


I participated in this non-governamental organization with the "delegate" rank, taking part of several political debates in various European cities. Progressively I obtained higher roles such as "chairperson" and "head organiser" of regional sessions. This organization's goal is to discuss on current issues, reaching a common position between the participants of a certain commitee and handing the resolution to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Grants and prizes


I received the "Jaume Casademont" prize for young entrepreneurs. I was also awarded with the "Botet i Sisó" grant, which is given to above-average research projects for baccalaureate students. My research project studied the emissions associated with electric cars manufacturing processes, compared to combustion cars manufacturing.

Talks and conferences

2012 – Present

I performed a TED Youth talk covering youth entrepreneurship in the TEDxYouth@UdG event. I have also performed several conferences about entrepreneurship and digital innovation in various institutions, most importantly in the University of Girona.



I developed most of the ClipCare platform. ClipCare allows to automatically respond tech-related inquiries thanks to a simple artificial intelligence method. This solution is provided to the clients through a web-app as well as native iOS and Android apps.



SocialEdge is a modification of the ClipCare artificial intelligence system applied to enterprises, allowing them to intelligently route and distribute the inquiries between departments, offering state-of-the-art internal communication through an Intranet system.



Locatr is a small startup which designs and implements iBeacon-based internal location systems, mostly for retail environments. Locatr covers the whole process from the initial outline of the implementation to the coding of the custom interactions with the beacons.

LC Paper Group

Brand manager, Dalia category

LC Paper is a tissue paper manufacturing group based in Catalonia. Traditionally it has produced paper for other enterprises (B2B approach), but recently it started selling its paper products to end users. I managed the Dalia brand, for its B2C operations.


Online sales manager

GironaPaper heavily increased its sales thanks to a state-of-the-art online store, which I developed using Magento as the base platform. GironaPaper manufactures and sells paper bags and rolls for the retail market, specially for bakeries, pharmacy and gifts.

SimControl (closed)


SimControl was the biggest Hispanic fans community for The Sims game. It reached a whooping 60.000 unique registered users. It was active from 2007 to 2014. I developed its background platform for the user sharing community and forum, based in Joomla.

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